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ระบบผลิตน้ำดี และน้ำประปา (Water Treatment System) ระบบกรองน้ำ และระบบผลิตน้ำบริสุทธิ์, ระบบผลิตน้ำสะอาดบรรจุขวด ETPC รับออกแบบและติดตั้งพร้อมจำหน่ายวัสดุอุปกรณ์สำหรับระบบผลิตน้ำดี 

Carbon Filter

Carbon Filters use a specific grade of carbon as media. It is mainly used for polishing applications, such as removal of the colour and odor. It is externally equipped with frontal pipe work and isolation valves. Internally it is fitted with inlet distributor and a bottom collecting system. Pebbles and gravels are used as support media. At regular intervals, backwash of this filter is needed for the removal of accumulated suspended solids. The collection of such particles over carbon media will reduce the adsorption capacity of carbon. Since the main application is to remove the colour and odour, a sand filter is normally required as pretreatment to this filter in order to avoid the accumulation of suspended particles over the carbon.

An effective method for removing dissolved organic substances that cause tastes, odours, or colours is adsorption by activated carbon. Adsorption is the capacity of a solid particle to attract molecules to its surface. Powdered carbon mixed with water can adsorb and hold many different organic impurities. When the carbon is saturated with impurities, it is cleaned or reactivated by heating to a high temperature in a special furnace.

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