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ระบบผลิตน้ำดี และน้ำประปา (Water Treatment System) ระบบกรองน้ำ และระบบผลิตน้ำบริสุทธิ์, ระบบผลิตน้ำสะอาดบรรจุขวด ETPC รับออกแบบและติดตั้งพร้อมจำหน่ายวัสดุอุปกรณ์สำหรับระบบผลิตน้ำดี 

Sand Filter

Sand filters are used for water purification. There are two main types;

1. Slow Sand Filter

2. Rapid Sand Filter
    - Automatic Valveless Gravity Filter (AVGF)
    - Pressure Sand Filter

In sand filters either single or dual grade sand is filled up in a pressurized vessel. It is equipped with inlet distributor internally and a bottom collecting system. Externally, it is fitted with isolation valves and frontal pipe work. Under the sand bed, gravels and pebbles of uniform size are provided as the bottom layer. It s main function is to support the sand bed. It is used primarily for removing the suspended impurities from the water source. When water having suspended impurities is passed through the sand bed the suspended impurities get trapped within the sand media. Finally the clear water comes out as the product. Backwash of the filter is needed to remove these entrapped impurities from the filter

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