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ระบบบำบัดน้ำเสีย ระบบกำจัดไขมัน และน้ำมัน ระบบบำบัดน้ำเสียด้วยวิธีทางเคมี (Chemical Treatment System) ระบบบำบัดน้ำเสียด้วยวิธีทางชีวภาพ (Biological Treatment System) 


static screen is the most simple and effective filter for filtration of free flowing and non-sticky solids. It is a completely static unit with continuous filtration and consumes no power. The filter uses the welded wedge wire filter element, which works on surface filtration principle. The filtration rating from this filter can be as low as 50 microns. The two version of the filter are available based on the liquid & solid characteristic i.e. gravity flow type or high Pressure tangential flow type. The filter element which is fixed in curvature gives an ideal cutting effect to the liquid when it flows over the surface.

In Tangential flow type the liquid is pumped to the filter inlet and the high pressure nozzles spray the liquid for a tangential entry onto the screen.

In Gravity flow type the liquid enters the equipment from the inlet nozzle, fills & over flow from top of the element. The liquid passes through the screen because of the cutting effect and the unfiltered solids remains on the screen. As a operation continues the unfiltered solid slide down on the screen & can be collected from the bottom in a bin or through conveyor.


  • Starch Tanneries
  • Food Processing
  • Breweries
  • Slaughter House
  • ETP’s & STP’s
  • Coal Washeries
  • Textiles
  • Sugar
  • Paper & pulp
  • Poultry, Fish & Sea Food
Static Screen

Automatic Fine Screen

The automatic screen is a self cleaning continuos belt screen.
This type of screen can have a spacing between the filtering elements or teeth of 3 or 6 mm.
The material captured by the screen is continuously removed by means of these of self-cleaning teeth.


  • The filtering screen is cleaned by:
  • a brush operated by the same geared motor which drives the screen
  • an independent motorized brush (with variable revolutions) – optional
  • a double washing system
  • the track itself of the belt casues the filter teeth to clean themselves

The screen is designed to be installed in a concrete channel with the correct section.
The screen is supplied completely assembled and ready to be placed in the channel.

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